G'day. I Am Steve.

I’m the Electrician and Antenna guy for the Western Suburbs.

For TV reception problems in the Western suburbs and Innaloo suburbs, I’m the guy to call. If you can’t get your favorite digital TV channels from Perth, it’s probably because you need a new digital antenna upgrade. I can help by installing an Australian made digital antenna. The antennas we use can endure the harsh local environment, unlike Bunning’s antennas and other cheap antennas that are sure to break. We never use those. Also, the antennas we use are fully compatible with your new digital TV. I can also install and tune all of your complicated home theatre equipment and even your TV. We go the extra mile to make sure you get the best experience and not a lot of headaches.

When hanging your new digital flat-screen TV, don’t settle for a sloppy DIY job. Let me do it the right way for you. Also, after I get your new digital TV antenna set up on the roof, if the signal is weak, I will install a TV booster to make sure your signal is strong and clear. A booster is also good because it makes it possible to install TV points in every room if you want. For installing data cabling in your home, you need a local electrician that is a licensed ACMA cable installer like me that knows what he is doing. I can install data cabling for phone points, TV sockets, camera systems, radio antennas, smart wiring, LAN points, NBN sockets and MATV systems. We can handle pretty much anything you might ask for.

We handle anything you need related to home entertainment systems and cabling. If its broken we can repair it. If you need something new, we will install it. I am the local installation and repair expert for the Innaloo suburbs and beyond. This is a local family run business and we always give you the best antenna services with a smile. We have been installing antennas here for a long time, so we know the places that have reception problems. We can solve these problems and handle any tricky installation in this area. Trust us. We have the experience to get your done job right, the first time, with no drama.

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